Who are we?

We're two people on a bit of a Creative Coddiwomple.  

What is a coddiwomple you say?

It means "to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination."  

After stumbling across this fabulous word we looked at each other and realized this is exactly what we had jumped into.

 We don't quite know where we're headed but we've purposely climbed onto this path of living creative lives.

So what do we do exactly? We create! We have quite a few tools at our disposal and we love working with all of them as well as exploring new avenues for expressing creativity.

One half of this duo is April Griffith. She adores painting and illustrating as well as creating digitally.  Other interests include but are not limited to: designing and creating in stained glass, puppet design and creation, floral design for weddings or just because it's Tuesday, creating with a laser cutter, and playing complicated board games with her family.

Joe Garoutte is the other half of the team and crafts beautiful furniture and goods from wood. He also crafts with words and is currently working on a novel.


Take a look at what we're up to to get an idea of what we can offer and shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions or just want to go get a beer with us because we seem like we would be good beer drinking buddies. (We are.)


April & Joe